Destination news: love, tolerance, harmony, patriotism and unity on Seychelles Independence Day


On the occasion of Seychelles’ Independence Day, June 29, 2010, President James Michel issued the following public statement:

“On June 29, 1976, we left behind the bad memories of colonial rule. Our progress as a nation was never based on our bad experiences. We built our nation with determination, resilience, tolerance, hard work, unity, and love. We continuusly recalled that we are united as a people. We do not believe in division, and we will never let this proud and blessed nation become divided.”

President James Michel made the remarks in his message to the nation on the occasion of Independence Day, which is marked on June 29.

President Michel thanked all those who had fought for the independence of Seychelles, a just and noble cause, which continues to inspire many to this day.

He said that the freedom of the nation and the achievements of its people depended on the unified, visionary, and responsbile direction of the nation.

The President said that the values of patriotism and unity of the country have formed the heart of the nation and needed to be nurtured.

President Michel noted that it is sad that in reality that there are certain currents in Seychellois society which are trying to destroy these values. He said that they are motivated by egoism, rancour, and jealousy.

“The Seychellois are a mature people, a people which takes its destiny into its own hands, a people which has determiniation to bring its country forward. Hatred, racism, and xenophobia are not in our nature. We, the Seychellois people, we sow, and we will continue to sow – love, tolerance, harmony, patriotism, and unity,” said President Michel.

The President said that his message on Independence Day is for all Seychellois people to reinforce these values that shape the nation.

“Let us continue to cultivate these good values and encourage them in our children. Our future as a nation depends on this. The progress of our country is founded on this.”