Another Terror attack and mass killing in Texas, USA

A madman committed mass murder today in a Texas Baptist church. The FBI took over the investigation that may have constituted another deadly terror attack on U.S. soil.

Another Terror attack and mass killing in Texas, USA

Prayers don’t work. Laws do. Ban weapons. eTN reader Jamie Usman tweets. Witnesses reported that a male shooter wearing combat gear walked into First Baptist Church, in Sutherland Springs, Texas today and started shooting.

First rumors said the shooter was white, victims black. This was changed later saying most victims and the shooter was white. None of this has been officially confirmed or denied yet.

Sunday is the day where many Christians in the United States go to church and pray. This is especially true in the US Bible belt, a more conservative region in the land of the free. The bible belt is also known for many US citizen to carry a gun without hesitation.

It’s easy to get a gun, and guns are merchandise Americans can buy anywhere – the American Rifle Association is spending the big bucks to ensure this 250-year-old constitutional law. This combination again turned out deadly today. Worshippers praying in this Sutherland Springs Baptist Church located 40 miles from San Antonio, Texas became the target of another gun shooting madman today.

The FBI took over the investigation where unconfirmed reports say 27 churchgoers are dead, 24 injured after the latest series of terror attacks in the United States.

The attacker was fatally shot by police.

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People are currently gathering at the Community Building learning what they can about their family and friends. There are heartbreaking news and tears.

On Saturday night in San Antonio, TX a child who was days away from his fourth birthday when he was killed Saturday night after being hit by gunfire.

According to police, a family was driving down New Laredo Highway near Briggs Avenue on the South West Side of San Antonio when someone in a car pulled up beside them and fired a single shot. A child inside was shot in the head, police said. The family drove to Southwest general hospital but the baby was air-lifted to University Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police are investigating who fired the shots and why.  Current gun laws obviously are not making Texas and the United States safer.

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