French tourist’s strip dance on Uluru causes Aboriginal outrage


A French tourist who strip-danced on top of Uluru says she was paying tribute to indigenous culture.

Alizee Sery, 25, who was filmed performing the raunchy act on the World Heritage-listed rock in the Northern Territory, said it had been a life-long dream to visit the site.

“So, if I do it, I have to do it in a way I am going to remember,” she told the Sunday Territorian.

“I do not mean in anyway to offend the Aboriginal culture.

“What I did is a tribute to their culture in a way.

“It’s entertaining but also … I did it as a tribute to the way it used to be, how they were living naked back in the days, so I am doing a return to the land.”

In the video, which has made its way onto the internet, Ms Sery is seen stripping down nothing more than her underwear, boots and a cowboy hat.

The exotic dancer said “it was the perfect way to be up there”.

“In totally harmony with the land and with myself,” she said.

“It was a great feeling inside.”

Aboriginal elders are outraged and are calling for her deportation, the ABC reported.

Uluru is a major tourist drawcard and while visitors are asked not to climb it, some 100,000 people take up the challenge each year.

The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park board of management last year called for the climb to be closed out of respect for the indigenous owners and for safety reasons, along with concerns about visitors littering and using the rock as a toilet.