Alpenwild taps into emerging slow travel movement

Alpenwild is seeing an explosion in slow travel especially on its Scenic Alps by Rail tour.

Alpenwild taps into emerging slow travel movement

Slow travel, an emerging global trend in the luxury travel segment, enables travelers to soak in scenic panoramas available from the train, as well as uncover the vibrant culture and local charm of small towns on foot. Alpenwild, an expert in small group hiking, walking, trekking, culinary and rail tours in the Swiss Alps, is seeing an explosion in slow travel especially on its Scenic Alps by Rail tour.

In 2018, Alpenwild will add two new features to Scenic Alps by Rail. Guests will ascend in a funicular railway in St. Moritzto watch the sunset and enjoy a candlelight dinner at the Panoramestaurant Muottas Muragl. The tour company will also offer complimentary luggage transfers for passengers at every stage of the journey.

“Our Scenic Alps by Rail tour really appeals to slow travelers—those who want to take in the beauty of the Alps, experience the local culture, and explore charming Swiss towns at a relaxed pace,” says Greg Witt, owner, Alpenwild. “This is no whirlwind, five countries in seven days tour. It’s about enjoying and exploring a region in depth. And, the unforgettable Alps scenery is the icing on the cake.”

Dramatic Terrain Best Seen By Rail

Switzerland is a small country—about half the size of West Virginia—and the alpine terrain and deep valleys make travel a challenge. As a result, rail service, with its tunnels and bridges, is an ideally suited way to see Switzerland and the Alps.

To showcase the best of Switzerland’s legendary railway journeys, such as the Glacier Express, Bernina Express, and the Jungfrau Railway, Alpenwild leads small groups of guests on a 10-days/nine-nights Scenic Alps by Rail tour of Switzerland. Guests discover the history and culture of Switzerland, and the technology that has made Switzerland’s rail system the finest and most popular in the world.

The tour features iconic settings such St. Moritz, Zermatt, Gruyères and Lucerne. While meandering through the Swiss Alps, guests will see the original setting where Switzerlandwas founded as a country. Picturesque lakes and stunning alpine scenery are enjoyed in a relaxed setting.

“The rail tours we offer in Switzerland sell out every season. They’re the fastest growing segment of our business,” says Witt.

About Switzerland’s Train Networks

Trains are much more than just a means of transport for hauling freight or commuters from one place to another. Hundreds of cogwheel railways, funiculars, and cableways make mountaintops and scenic panorama’s accessible. It’s a system the Swiss pioneered and perfected over 100 years ago.

Switzerland has the most tightly knit and widely-used rail system in the world. The rail network is known for its efficient service and on-time performance. Swiss trains are integrated with other transportation. Airports, train stations, bus stops and trams are just steps away from each other, enabling travelers to easily get to any of 28,000 points in the country.

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