Miami Beach to start a VIP card for locals to boost tourism


Miami Beach is kicking around an interesting concept in bringing a VIP card for use by locals to help bolster tourism. Some of the perks would include:

• Branding the high-end retail shops on Collins Avenue at Eighth Street ”The District” and the Normandy Isle shopping area — home to Marseilles Drive and Calais Drive — the “French Quarter.”

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• Launching two discount cards: one for residents and another for tourists.
Residents would get a black ”In” card that would entitle them to special deals at participating retailers. Tourists would have another set of discounts for their silver ”In” card.

• Offering conventioneers special room rates if they choose to visit Miami Beach in the months before or after their meeting.

The concept is still relatively new but there are other cities out there that have similar ideas to boost visitor counts and dollars to their respective cities. For shops and restaurants that want to advertise their name and give discounts, this would give them a higher local profile. Miami and Miami Beach have tried to do much to attract tourism and it’s nice to finally see them directing resources at “local” tourists to attract more dollars and with the card makes it quite the creative concept indeed.