Malware infects Destination Hotels and Resorts credit card processing system


ENGLEWOOD, Colorado – Destination Hotels and Resorts discovered a malicious software program had been inserted into its credit card processing system from a remote source, and with the help of outside security consultants, the software breach was quickly corrected and normal secure credit card processing procedures resumed.

Guests at 21 of their properties in the US, however, may have been victims of the malware. Destination, which operates more than 30 hotels and resorts nationwide, is in the process of notifying guests who recently stayed at its hotels whose cards may have been compromised, advising them to contact their credit card companies. Guests’ personal identification information such as addresses were not compromised as a result of the incident.

“We are concerned for our guests and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause them,” said Charlie Peck, president and chief operating officer of Destination. “We know we are not the first hotel company to be victimized by this kind of attack, but our greatest concern is for our guests who may be affected as well.”

An investigation by the FBI and local law enforcement is underway to determine the source of the software breach. The breach appears to have been isolated to locations where credit cards were physically swiped. Internet, phone, and other transactions appear not to have been compromised.

Destination guests with any questions about this issue can contact the company directly at 303-268-6865 or the general manager at the property at which they stayed.