In an effort to improve Armenia’s image within its target markets, the Armenian Tourism Development Agency (ADTA) has launched its first large-scale online survey to hear the views and perceptions of existing and potential tour operators.

There will be many worldwide unable to accurately place Armenia on the map, but for those tour industry professionals who have heard of the country, visited or know someone who has, the agency believes their insights and opinions can be of great value in developing future plans to promote the country.

“We have already undertaken efforts within Armenia to establish self-perceptions and satisfaction levels of visiting tourists,” said marketing director, Susanna Azoyan. “We now want to ascertain what the global tourism industry thinks of us and understand how this matches with how we see ourselves. We hope the tourism industry will rally around our efforts and take part in the survey.”

The results will help the ggency better shape its future marketing approaches; ensure that messages specifically focus on the unique selling points and core interests of tourists. Armenia’s tourism arrivals have grown steadily in the past decade, exceeding more than half a million in 2007. However, with international tourism expected to stagnate or decline in 2009 due to the financial crisis, ATDA is aware of the importance of cost-effective and well-grounded marketing activities.

The survey ( ) is available in English, Russian, French, and Italian and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Armenian tourism information can be obtained from ATDA online – . You can also catch up with ATDA at the ITB Hall 3.2/114A.

About ATDA

The Armenian Tourism Development Agency (ATDA) was established as the government’s tourism promotion arm in May 2001. In partnership with private businesses, it aims to market Armenia in local and international markets, and create programs aiding the overall development of Armenia’s tourism industry.