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Ryanair puts the brakes on new baggage policy

Ryanair puts the brakes on new baggage policy

Ryanair puts the brakes on new baggage policy

Ryanair will postpone to January 15, 2018 the entry into force of the new hand baggage policy to allow customers more time to adapt to changes, particularly with regard to the Christmas peak . As of September 6, with the introduction of the first part of the new regulation, the tariff for purchasing registered luggage was reduced from 35 to 25 euros for all luggage; while the allowed weight of registered baggage has been increased from 15 to 20 kg.

By mid-January, however, only customers who have purchased the priority shipment (including the Plus, Flexi Plus and Family Plus tariffs) will be able to take two cabin hand luggage. All other customers will be able to carry the smallest luggage in the cabin, while the largest (trolley with wheels) will be placed free of charge at the boarding port.

The ‘ priority boarding, Ryanair recalls, can be purchased at a cost of 5 Euros at the time of booking or subsequently added to the reservation by paying € 6, one hour before flight departure.

The company’s goal is to encourage more customers to buy registered luggage and reduce baggage volume by hand.

“We postponed to January 15, 2018, the entry into force of our new handbag bag policy to allow our customers to get to know more about the changes that will be made. From January, customers who have not purchased the priority boarding will only carry one small hand luggage, while the one with the largest wheels will be stacked free of charge at the embarkation gate, thus accelerating embarkation procedures and eliminating flight delays, “says Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs.