Rapper Jay-Z sued by private airline for failing to pay his bill


Rapper Jay-Z is to be sued by an airline company after he failed to pay for 18 hours of on-flight service.

Jay-Z is being sued by a private jet company.

The music mogul- who is married to Beyonce Knowles – reportedly owes Air Platinum Holding over $130,000 after failing to pay his full bill for services he used in 2009.

According to gossip website TMZ, Jay-Z – real name Shawn Carter – racked up a bill of $250,000 after flying for 55 hours with the company, but only paid enough of his bill to cover 37 hours of their time.

It’s believed that an hour of flight time costs $4,500, meaning his total outstanding flight bill is around $81,000.

He also owes $8,500 for 17 hours of domestic catering, $3,000 for catering on four international flights and $8,500 in international fees.

The ‘Big Pimping’ rapper has also failed to settle $12,285 of taxes and the $24200 cost of a luxury trip to England, bringing the total debt to $137, 485.