Dubai tourism companies face crackdown over human trafficking


Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim has called for an inspection campaign against dodgy tourism companies and those he described as ring leaders involved in human trafficking.

Warning of strict action against them, the police chief called for an urgent setting up of a task force with members from the Criminal Investigation Department, Human Trafficking Monitoring Centre, Naturalisation and Residency Department and the Department of Economic Development. This team would make a list of those companies and people who are suspected to be bringing girls into Dubai for trafficking.

Tamim stressed on the need to act quickly to hit out at the big names operating in the UAE with links to organised crime outside the country. They also have relations with and influence at many hotels and travel agencies, he said.

CID Director Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri said his department will work day and night to implement the instruction of the police chief.

Al Mansouri said the Dubai police had, eight years ago, set up a section to combat human trafficking and managed to arrest a large number of gangs dealing in it.

Director of the Department of Legal and Disciplinary Inspection Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Al Murr said defendants arrested in previous campaigns have given a lot of information and named many countries but he declined to reveal which countries were involved.

A Dubai police report in April said there were 23 cases of human trafficking last year.