Domestic tourists outnumber foreigners at Indian heritage hotels


PANAJI – Now, domestic tourists are outnumbering foreign travelers with regard to their stay in heritage hotels across India, a heritage hotel body has said.

“More and more Indian travelers are checking into heritage hotels. The ratio was 80:20 earlier with foreigners leading the chart. But now in the lead are the domestic tourists with 60:40 percentage,” Maharaj Gaj Sigh of Jodhpur, president, Indian Heritage Hotels Association (IHHA), told reporters.

This is in contrast to the past scenario when there were more foreign tourists who used to check into heritage hotels, he added. He said that there is almost 10 to 15 per cent repeat clientele for heritage hotels.

Singh was talking to reporters after chairing the IHHA executive committee meeting in Panaji, which discussed various issues concerning heritage hotels in India.

The pioneer in heritage hotel movement claimed that there is large-scale misconception that staying in heritage hotels is a costly affair. “That’s not true. Average rent for heritage hotel is around Rs 4,000 for double bedroom per day,” he explained.