South African police warns tourists about counterfeit R200 notes


Tourists visiting the country during the World Cup period have been warned not to fall prey to people offering them currency conversions through the black market, police said on Monday.

“Our visitors may be approached with the ‘best deal’ to change their currency for the South African rand and they could end up with counterfeit R200 notes,” said Colonel Vishnu Naidoo.

The warning comes after the SA Reserve Bank said it would no longer print the old R200 notes, opting for a new one with heightened security features, after counterfeit notes were found circulating.

“Tourists and soccer fans are advised to exchange their currency through legitimate financial institutions only,” he said.

South Africans were also warned to be weary of the circulation of these notes.

“The security forces are on top of this situation and adhering to our calls to heed to this warning will help us a great deal in our efforts to prevent people from becoming victims of this scam.”