Walk like an Egyptian, Sit Like Your Grandmother, and Other Healthy Back Tips for Business Travelers

This is no ordinary book about healthy backs, it is a book that is filled with information, and a who’s who list of doctors and universities who endorse the strategies and findings of Esther Gokhale. Esther studied medicine at Harvard and Princeton. Her Mother is Dutch and her father East Indian.
Her curiosity about cultures who suffer only 5% back pain, compared to the Westernized world at 85%, prompted years of study and research about why some countries and cultures have significant less back pain than others.

It is also a book about instant relief. We will try a few sitting and stretching exercises, and share some additional info that will be compelling and thought provoking.

Esther Gokhale is brilliant and her research is truly an interesting piece of anthropology. Most importantly, this book will help you, if you suffer from back pain. http://www.egwellness.com

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