Growing Movement to Educate Business Travelers with Toolset Designed for Optimal Behavior

Cari Guittard is passionate about her work in diplomacy and as teacher, diplomat, and world ambassador, she is not keeping it a secret. On 911, Cari had just returned from Egypt, where she was working on cyber security efforts with the US State Department. After the attacks, Cari briefed General Colin Powell and Charlotte Beers, which began her work in Public Diplomacy efforts. In 2003 she joined Keith Reinhard at BDA, and has been on a mission ever since.

Cari has become one of the Country’s leading experts in diplomacy, and discusses the growing movement to incorporate diplomacy education in all sectors of business. BDA offers World Citizens Guides and tailored briefings that focus on engaging citizen diplomats at every level.  From global business travelers to student travelers, BDA provides practical guidance, cross-cultural insights, and keys to global success.

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