Taiwan’s new favorite mascot bear – Bravo!


After the cute Kumamon bear became Japan’s most popular mascot, now there is a new mascot bear becoming the new favorite in Asia. This black bear mascot came from Taiwan and he was the ambassador for Universiade 2017, his name is Bravo.

Bravo and Kumamon are both black bear, the biggest difference between them is the big white “V” mark on Bravo’s chest, which can only be seen on the native black bear in Taiwan.

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Many people may not know, when Bravo first appeared couple years ago he didn’t attract much attention and nearly no popularity. Bravo then toured around schools in Taiwan to cultivate fans, and held fan meetings every week. In the meanwhile, Bravo took performance classes, learning to interact with people and let more people get to know him. To get media’s attraction, Bravo climbed up top of the peak to welcome sunrise in snow. Bravo’s suffered from heat stroke and fell many times while running in various occasions. He also served coffee under brutal sun outside Taipei Metro Station. Last month, Bravo accidentally fell from the stage during a performance, the incident was captured and reported widely on news channels around Taiwan. People started to pay attention and send their caring to Bravo, luckily Bravo (and the puppeteer) was just little frightened and didn’t get hurt.

Bravo’s cuddly adorable appearance and hard‑working character made his popularity booming in Taiwan, and his cute stuff toys were also sold out with high demand. Bravo was set to retire after Universiade 2017, but was then “hired” as the city representative of Taipei City due to his popularity. Bravo was wearing Universiade’s gold medal on his chest, but now he is wearing the gold medal representing Taipei City. In many citizens’ mind, especially for children and teenagers, Bravo becoming the new icon of Taiwan.

Thousands of fans rushed into Bravo’s fan meeting at Taipei City Council, people waited hours just to take a picture with him. His fan page has few hundred thousand followers now, everyone are excited when Bravo appeared during activities around Taiwan.
This whirlwind is blowing from Taiwan to Asian and he’s ready to take on the world. Maybe you only heard of Kumamon before, but now get ready to meet Taiwan’s new idol, who’s achieved superstar status – Bravo!!