Alaska Air new checked baggage fees take effect


Alaska Airlines as of Wednesday has changed its fees for checked baggage.

Each of the first three checked bags costs $20 under the new fee schedule, Alaska Air said. That is a $5 increase for the first bag, a $5 decrease for the second and a $30 decrease for the third, the Seattle-based airline said.

The fee also fell for extra bags beyond the third. The fourth through 10th bags cost $50 each, down from the old fee of $100, Alaska Air said.

The bag fee changes also apply to Horizon Air, Alaska Air’s sister airline that handles shorter-hop flights in the Lower 48.

Passengers traveling solely within Alaska and military personnel on active duty pay no fees on the first three bags, the airline said.

The bag fees also don’t apply to the first two bags of first-class and MVP passengers, and passengers to or from Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Alaska Air started charging for a second piece of luggage in July 2008 and added a fee for the first piece last July.

The airline’s luggage fees have been comparable to those of other airlines, although some, such as Southwest Airlines, charge no fees on the first or second piece of baggage.

Alaska Air also said that as of Wednesday it will pay passengers if their luggage is not at baggage claim 20 minutes after their flight parks at the gate. If their baggage is late, customers will receive 2,000 frequent-flier miles or $20 off a future flight, Alaska Air said. Previously, the compensation was 2,500 miles or $25 off a future flight if the baggage didn’t arrive within 25 minutes.