New Seychelles ministers sworn into office


President James Michel has called on government ministers to continue to make sure that government “provide services that address the core needs of the people” of Seychelles. The President made the statement following the swearing-in ceremony of three new ministers.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Jean-Paul Adam; Minister for Investment, Natural Resources and Industry Mr. Peter Sinon; and Minister for Health Dr. Erna Athanasius were sworn into office during a ceremony at the State House this morning in the presence of President James Michel, Vice President Joseph Belmont, Minister Designate Mr. Danny Faure, and members of the cabinet, as well as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Fredrick Egonda-Ntende and Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Herminie.

President James Michel said that the country has undergone profound changes over the last two years and that the Seychellois people have embraced the changes and made the transformation a success. The President said that the members of cabinet would start a new chapter of the “great transformation,” which would be a continuation of past policy to get closer to the people.

“We must continue to reach out to communities and districts. We must continue to facilitate the participation of every Seychellois in government. We must find new ways of empowering the private sector. We must be innovative. We do so because we believe in the Seychellois people. We believe in their capacity to achieve great things. We are simply the facilitators who can unlock their potential,” said President Michel.

“We must also strive to deliver better service in government. While great strides have been made, the whole will only ever be as strong as the sum of its parts. So while we may improve the facilities available to our people – I will never be satisfied if our people have to queue for hours to access them. I will continue to insist that we need to provide services that address the core needs of our people.”

President James Michel also announced that he is creating a new post of Secretary of State for Cabinet Affairs, who has the role of the Head of the Civil Service. The President has appointed the current Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Mohammed Afif, as the Secretary of State for Cabinet Affairs.

The cabinet convened following the swearing in ceremony.