Creativity is the sizzle of an event at IMEX


In his MPI keynote at IMEX America, currently taking place in Las Vegas, Brent Bushnell, CEO of Two Bit Circus, detailed the latest approaches to creating fresh and exciting events supported by technology, innovative thinking and a dose of creativity.

Brent Bushnell, self-confessed nerd and head honcho of Two Bit Circus, an experiential entertainment company, is a firm believer in the power of events to foster creativity and bring people together. He explains: “Nothing beats the live experience and there’s an increasing appetite for creative events that are interactive and experiential. The key here is to involve attendees. They shouldn’t just be passive observers, but need to actively engage. Hands on projects require decision making and engage more of a person’s brain, leading to embedded learning.”

He explains: “Creativity – often delivered through games and entertainment – is the real sizzle of an event. It instantly blasts away the barriers and delivers a fresh perspective, leaving attendees open to new ideas.”

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