Seychelles appoints 35 more tourism ambassadors


A new group of 35 Seychellois has been appointed as tourism ambassadors, bringing the total to 95 members in 30 countries worldwide now representing Seychelles.

Seychelles is the first country to have taken the initiative of appointing its citizens as tourism ambassadors all over the world and their role is to assist in the promotion of Seychelles as a tourism destination in tandem with the country’s marketing team and overseas tourist offices.

The announcement of the third group is coinciding with the Seychelles’ National Day on June 18 and will continue to build on the network that brands the program under the title tag line, “Once a Seychellois, always a Seychellois.”

This program capitalizes on the assistance and valuable local knowledge of Seychelles citizens living abroad to raise the profile of the islands in their respective countries of residence.

Thus, more individuals are coming on board in some of Seychelles’ main markets, as well as in several countries that are not being represented at the moment.

Seychelles’ tourism ambassadors have already been involved in several promotions since the official launch of the program in January, and they work in different ways to further market their islands to the world.

A total 14 tourism ambassadors were initially announced six months ago, and the program was further strengthened by another 46 in March. The second group was announced by vice president Joseph Belmont, in his capacity as Minister for Tourism, at the ITB trade fair in Berlin.

Alain St. Ange, the Seychelles’ director of tourism marketing, has said that the country’s overseas offices continue to have added support to more adequately service our tourism markets.

“The tourism ambassadors are like consuls, but here only to promote and continuously help develop Seychelles as the tourist destination,” he said.
“They now have their own newsletter, email addresses, and soon they will have their own forum on the popular social network Facebook to exchange ideas and update each other on their activities.”

Mr. St. Ange stressed that all Seychellois living abroad are natural ambassadors of their country of birth. They are well-known in their countries of residence, and their network of contacts and local knowledge will be invaluable tools in promoting Seychelles as a tourism destination across the globe.

Sharen Venus, the tourism board’s marketing executive overseeing the tourism ambassadors program, said that the enthusiasm of the newly-appointed members is so evident, and she was convinced that their personal contacts will help make Seychelles better known around the world.

The newly-appointed Seychelles tourism ambassadors are:


Ms. Hillary Vidot from Adelaide
Ms. Tahirih Ernesta from Adelaide
Mr. Kevyn Wilmot from Gold Coast
Mrs. Jeannine Gilbert-Finnigan from Perth


Mrs. Mary-Mica Vierlinger (born Abel) from Vienna


Mr. Antoine Lautee from Calgary
Mr. Rolard Georges from Toronto


Mr. Christopher Azais from Shenzen


Ms. Aurelie Bonvalet from Arles
Mr. Michael Fayon from Bordeaux
Mrs. Monica Michel-Bonvalet from Marseille
Mrs. Mary Isaac (born Asba) from Paris


Mrs. Mathilda Twomey (born Butler-Payette) from Galway


Mr. Kalyan Patel from Terre Rouge


Mr. Shahid Ahmad from Karachi


Dr. Kenneth Sherwin from St. Louis


Mrs. Josette Weber (born Larue) from Cape Town
Mrs. Renette Vidot-Acquah from Johannesburg


Mr. Mark Dunford from Barcelona
Mr. Xavier Jacqueline from Palma de Mallorca


Mrs. Lucy Blom (née Alcindor) from Stockholm


Ms. Inese Bastienne from Geneva


Mrs. Valentyna Avilova from Odessa


Ms. Aliette Esther from Dubai


Mrs. Suzette Ward (born Moulinie) from Bristol
Ms. Muriel Choppy from Inverness
Mrs. Georgina Dhillon (born D’Acambra) from London
Ms. Lynne Domingue from London
Ms. Rose Fayon from London


Mrs. Marie Antoinette Swapp (born Savy) from Colorado
Mr. Jacques Bronze from Guam
Mrs. Roselyn Adam from Houston
Mrs. Georgette Ross (born Shroff) from Louisiana
Mrs. Cecile Nageon Szulkowski from Orlanda
Mrs. Myrtile Webb (born de Charmoy Lablache) from San José