Uganda Wildlife Authority excels in mountain rescue of tourist


(eTN) Last week put the Uganda Wildlife Authority’s (UWA) rescue measures to the test, when a foreign tourist suffered a climbing accident when returning from one of the Rwenzori Mountain peaks.

As soon as the situation was communicated to the base station and the park headquarters, the rescue mission swung into action, and within hours, the injured climber was brought down from the mountain and delivered to the Kasese aerodrome for a medical evacuation flight to Kampala.

Reportedly, almost 60 staff were deployed from UWA and the Rwenzori Mountain Services, which had arranged for the week-long climb, an effort well worth it, not just from the viewpoint of the injured climber being safely evacuated but also as a general reassurance for future visitors to the park for hikes and intending climbers. The training of rescue staff in recent years has indeed taken hold and born fruit in this particular case.