Finding yourself in the middle of an airline strike


Spirit Airlines pilots are on strike, and since it all began, Spirit has canceled all of its flights through Wednesday. The move strands thousands more passengers.

The Florida-based discounter says on its website that all spirit flights are canceled through June 15. Spirit pilots walked off the job Saturday amid an ongoing contract dispute over pay.

So what do you do if this happens to you? Travel agent, Pat Saizan of Saizans Travel says if you find yourself in the middle of an airlines strike, there are a few things you can do.

Saizan says if you have time you can see if you can re-book your travel through another carrier. If the carrier goes on strike during your travel time you have to keep an eye on the airlines website and keep a cell phone with you.

Saizan says booking thru a travel agent has its perks. She is able to help her clients book another airline and handles most of the stress. Discount travel sites should also be able to help you if you find yourself in a strike zone.

If you’re already on your trip Saizan says you could score a seat on another airline for an affordable price depending on which air carrier you booked with. The bigger airlines have what’s called a code-share where they can go to see if the airline has gone on strike.

They can put it on to a different airline where the smaller budget airline like AirTran and Spirit Air don’t have code-share agreement, said Saizan. A lot of Spirit passengers are finding out their affordable plane tickets are costing them more in the end because other carriers wont give them a break.

Another way to protect yourself in case of strike is to buy trip insurance, but you will only be protected if your chosen airline hasn’t threatened strike and isn’t currently under strike. Spirit might not be the only airline dealing with a strike.

It turns out AirTran pilots have been approved to strike if their contract negotiations don’t pan out. They still have one more mediation meeting to go through and a 30 day cooling off period.