Seychelles tourism is on the move with the La Reserve Hotel on Praslin welcoming iSurf to the island


The La Reserve Hotel on the island of Praslin is among the first group of hotels on Praslin to be connected with iSurf – the latest and fastest prepaid wireless Internet service in the Seychelles, introduced by Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS).

In a ceremony on Friday, June 4, 2010, Cable & Wireless officially launched the service on Praslin in the presence of Alain St. Ange, the country’s Tourism Board director for marketing, and partners in the hospitality industry on the island at a cocktail reception at La Reserve Hotel.

In a short speech, Mr. Charles Hammond, chief executive of CWS, said: “A large majority of our visitors choose Praslin for their holidays, and it is of importance for Seychelles to offer reliable and secure Internet services to meet trends and demands. I take pride in the work that my team at Cable & Wireless has done to bring iSurf to Seychelles.”

He also added that Cable & Wireless Seychelles will continue to support and partner with the hospitality industry to ensure that holiday makers in Seychelles are always connected to the rest of the world.

For his part, Mr. Peter Pomeroy, general manager of La Reserve Hotel, said, “Today, we stand tall to be the first hotel on Praslin to offer such service and with the continual support of Cable and Wireless, I am positive that our guests will not be disappointed with the iSurf.”

He also added that now La Reserve is proud to offer all its guests with high-speed Internet, and they have the option of browsing at their own comfort and leisure as they have coverage for the whole La Reserve premises.

Together with Cable and Wireless, the engineering team installed a few hotspots on the hotel premises connected through fiber-opitcal cable, and anyone with the proper Wi-Fi receiver, a user name, and a password can get access with a wireless network, perfect for all a guest’s requirements.

The service, which basically allows wireless access to the Internet by means of any wireless-enabled device, such as laptops, mobiles, blackberries, PDAs, etc., caters to a large customer segment with primary focus being on the needs of Seychelles’ hospitality industry.

This state-of-the-art wireless system allows hotel guests and casual visitors to access the Internet by buying airtime cards available in 1-hour and 24-hour denominations from the resort’s reception. The cards come with the added benefit of allowing guests to log out whenever they wish and keep their remaining credit to use at another time within the validity period after the first login.

Alain St. Ange, the Seychelles director of tourism marketing, congratulated La Reserve Hotel and Cable & Wireless Seychelles for moving Praslin Island forward and for providing our visitors with new facilities they now expect when traveling the world. “La Reserve and their owners, the Pomeroy family, have done us proud. They today, not only have a totally new hotel, but they are not stopping in providing new facilities to ensure that visitors to Seychelles have at their disposal all they want and all they need,” said Alain St. Ange.