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New trucking app launches

New trucking app launches

Three entrepreneurs recently launched HWY Pro, a smartphone app for truckers aimed at increasing efficiency in the load dispatch process.

Unlike most trucking technology, HWY Pro is aimed directly at owner-operators in the trucking industry. The app is developed by Bill Busbice, Paul Svindland, and Harry Hover, who once co-owned a truck driving business in the oil and gas industry called ACE Transportation. During his tenure directing ACE Transportation, Mr. Busbice became keenly aware of the inefficiency issues truckers face on a daily basis.

It is a common belief that truck drivers spend most of their time driving. In reality, Mr. Busbice says, owner-operators spend significant amounts of time making phone calls and filling out paperwork to arrange loads and comply with regulations. Truckers continue to navigate through an outdated and extremely cumbersome process to organize loads. HWY Pro, Mr. Busbice hopes, will change that and allow truckers more time to rest, spend time with family, and “Just Drive”.

The developers call HWY Pro “Uber for trucking”. Uber streamlined and fundamentally transformed the commuting process by allowing users to book taxis/transportation and schedule trips. Commuters who use Uber no longer have to be on the street and wave down cabs. HWY Pro is similar in concept. The app eliminates the time drivers have to waste waiting on loads by streamlining the claiming process. Drivers can schedule loads in advance or pre-arrange to pick up a load at a particular destination with the app. Such tasks were not possible with the phone-and-paper system.

HWY Pro makes a team of freight specialists available to each user. These freight specialists ensure that loads arrive as desired on behalf of the driver. Drivers who use the app do not have to wait at truck stops looking at load boards. The app can be used to arrange a load to arrive at a stop on a route. Owner-operators can also receive real-time updates on loads as each becomes available. Drivers can then use HWY Pro to arrange a load in 6 taps or less, the developers say.

The app is much more efficient than traditional platforms and is also more productive. An owner-operator can use the app to book loads in a matter of minutes, not hours. The app offers a feature called “load insight” that eliminates the majority of the paperwork associated with organizing loads.

Truckers can use the app to plan routes on their handheld device. HWY Pro’s Smart Route Planning feature allows truckers to save up multiple destinations on a dashboard and organize routes according to load availability. The feature can be used to log fuel stops and find supplementary loads. The feature is available for users while on the road.

The idea behind HWY Pro is to get truckers to “Just Drive” and not worry about load arrangements, Mr. Busbice said. He hopes that truckers who use the app will have more free time to spend doing things with family and end up spending less time on mundane tasks like paperwork and planning.

HWY Pro was launched in Dallas, TX, in August at the Great American Trucking Show. The app is currently available on hwypro.com. It will soon be available on Google Play and Apple App Store.