The final traces of Northwest Airlines are being removed this week


Fans of Northwest Airlines aren’t going to have a good start to their travel this week. Although the airline still won’t be totally merged into Delta just yet, things are getting pretty darn close. After a week of digging through their closets and showing off their in flight fashions from years past, Northwest’s flight attendants will be debuting Delta digs starting today. Let’s just hope everyone can get along and merge into one big Brady Bunch of an airline.

Costume changes aren’t the only thing that’s changing this April. The combined airline has already begun to only offer Sky Magazine, so you better snag the last issue of NWA World Traveler if you get a chance—it’s a future eBay goldmine. Delta is will also begin flying its planes on routes that were formerly only available on Northwest. Apparently this is known as “cross-fleeting.” Heh.

Some of Northwest’s planes, like the 747 and A330, have already had their red tales painted over in favor of the Delta color scheme. We’re thinking the old school DC-9 jets will be the last to get some fresh paint—unless they just send ’em off for retirement in the desert instead.

So just as a final reminder, double check those boarding passes and flight numbers. With so much crew sharing and snazzy paint jobs, you don’t want to end up in Minneapolis instead of Atlanta. So far there hasn’t been a decision on whether to offer Coke or Pepsi, but we’re thinking they should just offer beer. No matter how cramped and stuffed the flight, just imagine the party scene if free booze was a promotion to kickoff the new Delta.