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Visiting Myanmar now is safe and “the right thing to do”

Visiting Myanmar now is safe and “the right thing to do”

Myanmar Tourism Marketing would like to express its support for all displaced people in Northern Rakhine State and Bangladesh after recent problems close to the Bangladesh border. We do hope that all people from all religion or race will soon find safe conditions to live.

Myanmar stretches over more than 2000 kilometers from north to south and has astonishing nature, culture and adventure to offer for tourists. It’s also one of the most welcoming and friendly countries in the world and very, very safe to visit as long as you stay within the green areas. The green areas in the map provided by the UK Foreign Office are safe to travel and will easily keep you busy for even up to 6 weeks as 90% of the famous tourists sites are situated in the green zones.!

We continue to believe that tourism is a good way to connect people and to bring development all over Myanmar for everybody from any race or religion and we do call to tourists all over the world to continue visiting Myanmar. Especially now it’s important to make conscious decisions and choose to support everybody in the country. MTM realizes that tourism in Myanmar is still in its infancy and can only reach a limited number of areas and people, yet it is important to continue developing and expanding sustainable tourism in the country. Tourism does contribute significantly in poverty reduction (World Tourism Organization) and according to the World Bank “poverty has declined between 2009-2010 and 2015” World Bank – Myanmar country overview.

Myanmar offers tropical landscapes, mountains, lakes, temples and ancient cultures, fantastic food, tropical beaches and most of all a very welcoming population.

Community Based Tourism projects have been developed around the country as for example in Kayah State to ensure that both tourists and the local community are benefitting of their experience.

We call on people worldwide to support ALL people of any race, religion or ethnicity in a peaceful way and come and visit Myanmar now as this will help reducing the poverty all around the country and help to build a peaceful and stable society in Myanmar.

Myanmar Tourism Marketing does hope that people from all over the world will visit Myanmar and get to know the real country and its people for yourself and be inspired by this fantastic destination.