US President Donald Trump, the German election, Chancellor Merkel and the AfD


Today the Federal Republic of Germany may have a new chancellor and leader, or Chancellor Angela Merkel could be confirmed for another term. The second scenario looks very likely but has a twist.

The twist: Today may also be the day the German right-wing party “AfD” could become a member of the German Bundestag (Parliament) To enter the parliament a party needs 5% of all votes.

42 parties compete to enter the parliament. These are the most number of parties ever recorded in the history of elections in the Federal Republic.

With 1.2 million refugees many Germans welcome a move to a more closed society, some Germans feel the country’s commitment in the European Union is simply too much, and the Euro may stop Germany from growing.

USA first, Germany first – a similarity the US President Donald Trump and leadership of the German AfD have in common. A similar movement Turkey is experiencing under President Erdogan. It may even be similar to the man president Trump calls rocket – man North Korean dictator Kim.

Is this a new world trend, or is this a movement that means danger and nationalism to the world?

The world is more open and is growing together. Languages are no longer stopping people to communicate. Turning off Facebook or Google (China)  is not turning off international communication.

The internet, tourism and global conferences made this world a smaller place- this is contrary to what some of the right-wing forces want, but will they eventually succeed? The tourism industry definitely has a role in this.

The German election actually does matter. They may set a trend for the world to move forward.