Tourists in Mexico join rescuers to save lives

Tourists in Mexico join rescuers to save lives

In times of devastation, it is the heroic efforts of emergency workers that come to the forefront. In Mexico, these heroes include tourists that were in the country at the time of the huge 7.1 magnitude earthquake yesterday.

Side by side, these people are working day and night to find people still alive in the ruins. Hundreds of people formed human chains to work to deliver water and medicine as well as remove debris. Mexico City Mayor Mancera Espinosa said that 52 people have been pulled from the rubble.

Over 40 buildings were completely demolished in Mexico City from the quake that struck on Tuesday, September 19, and thousands more buildings were left damaged and unstable. Rescue efforts are ongoing in a La Condesa neighborhood where the earthquake destroyed a seven-story block.

Today, rescuers were trying to reach a girl buried under a collapsed school to the south of Mexico City after rescue dogs confirmed she was alive. A hose was threaded through the debris to get her water as the army joined rescue efforts at the school where a wing of the three-story building collapsed as teachers tried to lead the children to safety.

Mayte Ferriero and her daughter, Yeziel, were out having a late breakfast when the earthquake struck. They lived on the fifth floor of the collapsed Amsterdam Avenue building. She said their domestic worker was inside when the quake happened, “She’s in there, so is the security guard, who knows how many others.”

One woman, Monica Saavdera, shared that her 87-year-old mother was home in their apartment on Amsterdam Avenue when the earthquake hit. She said, “I pray that she’s already dead. that she’s not trapped underneath alive.”

At least 230 people were killed across the region, including 21 children and 4 adults who died in the collapse of a private school. Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto declared 3 days of national mourning to honor the earthquake victims.

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