Alaska Airlines expands inflight menu


Alaska Airlines has added selections to the existing buy-on-board menu of offerings, the airline said in an e-mail communication to Mileage Plan members June 1.

The new selections include a grilled chicken sandwich on ciabatta bread which will replace a similar fresh sandwich offering, an egg and sausage biscuit which will increase morning flight selections from one to two, and two new antipasto platter offerings – one featuring cheese and fruit, the other featuring meat and cheese. The platters will be served on flights over 3.5 hours, while the other selections will be available on flights over 2.5 hours.

Alaska will continue offering Picnic Pack and Picnic Snack boxes on select flights in addition to the meals, and will retain the country skillet and Angus Beef cheeseburger options. Pricing for the existing selections has not changed or increased; the new platter selections are $7.

Like many other carriers, Alaska Airlines once offered complimentary meals to all coach passengers, and the airline was noted for providing larger and higher quality meals than it’s competitors. Buy on Board selections were initially tested on flights to Mexico, and rolled out throughout the network following positive response to the meals.

Alaska has seen increased competition from low-cost competitor Virgin America, which offers similar premium meals for sale on board it’s flights. Alaska competes with the Virgin Group carrier on flights between Seattle and San Francisco and Los Angeles, longtime mainstays of Alaska’s West Coast network.