MMG Worldwide launches Long Live Life


KANSAS CITY, MO – MMG Worldwide, a marketing communications firm specializing in the travel and hospitality industries, announced that it launched its first campaign for the Barbados Tourism Authority. The campaign is called “Long Live Life” – a celebration of the art of living. It is meant to encourage travelers to stop and take stock of their lives and relax more. The print and online executions depict travelers caught in the moment of having fun in unique Barbados settings and tell the story of how they are transformed once they’ve been to the island. MMG also created a new website where visitors learn “Life Lessons” from local teachers through video shorts on subjects such as “how to lime,” “what the locals know,” and how to make “the perfect rum punch.”


Barbados, the eastern-most island in the Caribbean, features beautiful beaches, incredible resorts and restaurants, and perfect weather. And, they’ve figured out how to live life better than anywhere else. For more information, go to .


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