Summer travel made more costly by airline “peak season” surcharges


DALLAS – It’s not officially an airfare hike, but it might as well be. The vast majority of flights this summer on so-called “legacy” carriers like American, Delta and Continental are now more expenisve, thanks to what airlines want to call “peak travel” surcharges.

According to Rick Seaney from , from June 10 to August 22, there is only one day that doesn’t have a surcharge, and that is July 4.

Here’s what else Seaney found out:

Sundays are the most expensive day to fly: $30 per flight leg.
The cheapest days, Tuesday and Wednesday, have a $10 surcharge tacked on.
The other four days cost an additional $20.

“With a family of four, if you leave on a Sunday, come back on a Sunday and you each check a bag, that’s $440 before you start your airfare and taxes,” Rick said.