Sabre: A new behavior trend for corporate travelers


Sabre study on corporate travel has three key trends in corporate travel revealed. They are:

  • Almost half of all corporate travellers deviate from their corporate travel policy; making changes ahead of and during their trips
    • More than 43 percent of corporate travellers are deviating from company policy ahead of the trip and 42 percent are making changes while travelling.
    • As companies strive to find the balance between driving compliance and increasing their corporate travellers’ satisfaction, respondents have seen corporations actively re-crafting their travel policies to accommodate more booking autonomy.


  • Rise of mobile and virtual payment technologies
    • 80 percent of travel managers believe this is their top priority, highlighting the importance placed on moving towards a mobile first strategy.
    • 66 percent also quoted looking at alternative forms of payment technology as a high priority area for them.


  • Premium economy – A new corporate favourite
    • Amidst economic uncertainty, companies are cutting back on premium class air travel and as such, premium economy options have become the next best alternative without significantly impacting travellers’ comfort.
    • 81 percent of corporate travel managers are seeing an increase in premium economy bookings.


The full release is attached and appended for your reference. Sabre spokespersons are available to comment on the following:

  • Trends in corporate travel
  • How companies can drive compliance to travel policies while ensuring that employees are satisfied with work trips
  • Trends in Premium Economy for business travellers