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St. Croix in US Virgin Islands blessed and missed

St. Croix in US Virgin Islands blessed and missed

Although some services may be limited due to the effects of Hurricane Irma, the Caribbean Tourism Organization has reported that the Buccaneer Hotel on St. Croix in the US Virgin Island is still open for business.

While the hurricane barreled its way through the Caribbean, St. Croix was lucky to be spared.

A former resident of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Ellen Ross, who now calls St. Croix her home, spoke with WWMT News in Michigan about her experience.

Ellen had just moved to St. Croix just 9 weeks prior. She told the news station that she safely waited in her condo for the hurricane to arrive, as did most of her neighbors. They all left their doors open, including the stairwells, so that in case a window was blown out, they would all be able to help one another.

Ross said people prepared for the coming of the storm over the Labor Day weekend, and stores stayed open late.

She said it got a bit scary on Wednesday when the winds began to howl and heavy rain came down, but except for some phone and electrical lines going down, it was quite calm compared to what went on elsewhere in the Caribbean.

“We’re very blessed,” she said.