Niccolo Chongqing officially opens its doors


Niccolo Chongqing officially opened its doors today crowning the top 10 floors of the new 62 floor Chongqing IFS Tower 1, overlooking the Southwestern city of

A very strategic and important hotel for Hong Kong-based hospitality company, Wharf Hotels Management Limited, Niccolo Chongqing celebrated its opening with a symbolic, congratulatory ribboncutting ceremony for dignitaries and officials.

The auspicious ceremony was officiated by Dr Jennifer Cronin, President, Wharf Hotels, Mr Giorgio Olivotti, General Manager, Niccolo Chongqing and Mr Guo Yong, General Manager, China Overseas Land & Investment (COLI).

Official representatives of Wharf Estates Chongqing and the Chongqing Government, distinguished guests, corporate clients and associates of Wharf Hotels, attended the ceremony.

“It is my pleasure to greet our first guests today and officially welcome everybody to Niccolo
Chongqing. We are honored to have members of the foreign diplomatic corps, the city’s government officials, esteemed guests and executives of Wharf Hotels to support our hotel with good fortune and prosperity. My team and I will ensure we become the city’s leading, contemporary urban chic hotel”, said Mr Giorgio Olivotti.

“We would like to congratulate Giorgio and his team on the successful opening of Niccolo Chongqing today. There are few cities in China like Chongqing, a mini economic miracle well on its way to internationalization. As an early adopter of the luxury hotel space in Chongqing, we are at the forefront of bringing the Niccolo Hotel experience to the market. We had the confidence to open our first Niccolo in Chengdu in 2015, and it very quickly became a success story for our group. Today, it remains as market leader, paving the way for the opening of Niccolo Chongqing as the next in our collection of contemporary urban chic hotels,” said Dr Jennifer Cronin.

Currently the city’s highest hotel located in the heart of Jiangbeizui, Chongqing’s new Central Business
District, Niccolo Chongqing was designed by world-recognized hospitality design consultants, Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA). Created for the modern, luxury traveler visiting Chongqing for business or leisure, Niccolo is inspired by fashion, with an interior design providing all visitors and guests with an unparalleled stay experience; one that is effortlessly luxurious and refined in experience. Through incorporating clean color palettes in addition to sophisticated finishes, the new hotel presents itself as the cultivation of style, timeless elegance and comfort – an interior desirable for the global pioneering spirit found in all of its guests.

With thousands of bridges connecting the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, landscaped mountains, a sparkling skyline, and famous attractions including the Three Gorges Dam, the city is expected to achieve more inbound business in the coming years as new hotel entrants internationalize the market. Niccolo Chongqing offers three modern dining and lounge venues, Niccolo Kitchen, The Tea Lounge and Bar 62, all with scenic views 62 stories high, blending destination experiences with international concepts, complete with Niccolo’s impeccable hospitality. Event spaces from the Niccolo Ballroom to The Conservatory and wellness facilities including The Spa at Niccolo, Sky Pool and Sky Spa will offer guests a new way to discover Niccolo’s mantra, New Encounters. Timeless Pleasures.