Seychelles National Park Authority CEO moves over to Island Development Company


The current Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles (Marine and) National Park Authority (SNPA), Mr. Ronny Renaud, featured on eTurboNews in a full-scale interview a few weeks ago, has been appointed as deputy CEO of the Island Development Company (IDC) as part of that parastatal’s reorganization. Taking over from him at the SNPA will reportedly be Mr. Denis Matatiken, who is currently working at the Department of Environment.

The IDC is a key to the development of islands across the archipelago and of crucial importance to the further enhancement of tourism, fishing, and related economic activities.

New chairman of the IDC is Mr. Patrick Lablache, who according to sources in Mahe, has a wealth of experience in both public and private sector.

The changes at IDC are reportedly part of the Seychelles public sector reform, which seeks to streamline administration and cut cost through a variety of measures.

Congratulations to Ronny, whose interview is still available at eTN under “Interviews.”