Middle East journalists arrive in Seychelles to follow up on presentations at Dubai’s Arabian Travel fair


The Seychelles participation at the 2010 Dubai’s Arabian Travel Market is paying immediate dividends with a group of five journalists coming from the four corners of the Middle East arriving in the country.

“With the help of Emirates Holidays, five journalists coming from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, and two other regional English and Arabian publications have toured the Seychelles to help Seychelles better position itself in the Middle East,” Alain St. Ange of the Seychelles Tourism Board said.

Seychelles views the whole Middle East as having the potential for growth in visitor arrival numbers because of the existing air links to both Dubai and Doha.

The Tourism Board was assisted in the hosting of this group by Banyan Tree and Hilton Resorts and with transfers to Praslin and on Mahe by Cat Cocos and by Creole Travel Services.

This press group will be immediately followed by another two members of the press who will be again arriving in Seychelles through Emirates Holidays from Egypt.

“We need to make ourselves more visible in that part of the world. The flying time is but four-and-a-half hours between Dubai and the Seychelles making us an ideal year-round holiday destination for the whole GCC countries. Visiting journalists will become our ambassadors in these countries, and with their support, we shall increase our visitor arrival numbers from the area,” Alain St. Ange said.