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Iran welcomes American Tourists and is issuing visas

Iran welcomes American Tourists and is issuing visas

“Contrary to the US State Department saying Iran is not issuing tourist visas for American citizens, there has been no ban for the Americans who wish to travel to Iran after Iran twelfth presidential election”, the vice-president of Iran Tour Operators Association said.

Mohammad Ali Vaghefi told eTN ambassador from Iran Doostan Tours (ISNA) that the process of issuing visas for American citizens was banned temporarily during the twelfth presidential election in Iran but was lifted and there have been no problems in the process after that.

However the process may take longer in some cases, because of security issues, but all legitimate tourist visa requests are accepted.

He added Canadian and UK citizens had been facing no issues in receiving tourist visas for Iran in spite of lacking Iranian-Canadian consular services.

The US government imposed restrictions on Iranian citizens wanting to visit the United States of America.

Source: http://irandoostan.com/

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