Seychelles professionals are part of the change


The Seychelles “Equator Institute” has presented a report on strategic healthcare reform to President James Michel. The chairman of the “Equator Institute” Dr. Henry Thelemaque and the institute committee members presented their report during a meeting with the Seychelles President.

The President had asked the Institute to consider the ways the health service could be improved as this formed part of ongoing government work to give a better, more efficient, sophisticated, and service-oriented healthcare system.

“They have made comprehensive proposals, and these will be studied by myself and the government. The Ministry of Health will take into consideration the various contributions they have made, and we will put them together and fit them within our reform program to ensure that we continue to give a better health service to our people,” said President Michel.

President Michel said that Seychellois professionals had to contribute to the country and that their participation in reforms of government service is crucial.

“The professionals have to be part of the process, part of the change, part of the transformation; that is where the Ministry will have to take that into account and bring our professionals onboard while making the changes and improving the health service.”