Usain Bolt joins Jamaican Tourist Board advertising campaign


The Jamaican Tourist Board is over the moon to have secured the services of the fastest man on earth to promote the island’s tourist industry.

Usain Bolt was born in the Trelawny Parish of Jamaica on August 21, 1986 to parents Jennifer and Wellesley, who ran the local grocery store. Little could he know during his early years that he would become a living legend and icon of Jamaica’s sporting history. Early indications showed that Usain had cricketing talent and it was his speed in the field that led his coach to urge Usain to pursue athletics.

The new television advertising campaign was created by the Jamaican Tourist Board’s advertising agency Draftfcb. The first in a series of adverts sees Bolt sprinting across the island, stopping to admire some of its famous landmarks, to the music of one of Jamaica’s other legends, Bob Marley. In the second advert Bolt sprints across the island again, this time getting faster as the music follows tempo. And in the third advert the people of Jamaica are captured going about their daily lives emulating Bolt’s iconic victory pose. The series of adverts continues the island’s ‘Once you go, you know’ campaign, which started in 2004.

Keith Loell, Draftfcb’s senior vice president and executive creative director, stated: “Usain was a perfect fit for the next installation of this campaign, especially since he is a world-renowned athlete who strongly identifies with his native roots and origins.”

He hopes the idea will put a new spin on the campaign and show potential tourists the beauty of Jamaica through Bolt’s eyes.

Jamaica lies in the Caribbean Sea just below Cuba and is classed as a year-round destination. The peak season is between December and April, but this is also the most expensive time to visit. Cheap Jamaica holidays are more likely to be found from May to October as this is the rainy season when temperatures remain high but downpours can be frequent yet impressive. June to November also provide opportunities for cheap Jamaica holidays as this is the hurricane season.

The Jamaican Tourist Board is hoping that the laid-back vibe of the island, and the iconic status of one of its most famous sons, will show off exactly what Jamaica has to offer to its fullest.