Why is Italy Always a Top Pick for Travelers? The answer could be in this annual travel Exhibit, this year in Rimini, Italy.

The TTG Incontri exhibition is the major gateway to the Italian outbound market and the distribution of tourism related products. Figures speak for themselves: a total of 2,400 companies representing 100 countries, over 6,000 international operators and a 37% growth compared to 2009.

TTG Incontri is further expanding, and has reached overseas: this year Discover America will take part in the exhibition with a whole pavilion dedicated to the American offer.

Join Sandy and General Manager, Guido Groppi as they discuss this October’s TTG incontri and why an investment into Italian tourism pays off.
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TTG incontri’s Antonio Dell’Aquilano, Exhibition & Event Manager, was elected president of ITTFA, International Tourism Trade Fairs Association. Antonio joined Sandy in Morocco for the Moroccan Travel Market and commented on the ITTFA and it’s value to exhibitions in January. http://bit.ly/dw69n8

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