Record 90 ambassadors in Madrid discussing pressing UNWTO Issues


On August 20 the UNWTO Secretariat confirmed to WorldTourismWire the organization was holding a routine meeting for all Embassies and UNWTO Permanent Representatives based in Madrid to update them on a series of issues related to the Organization, including the upcoming UNWTO General Assembly. The meeting was scheduled for August 25, 2017.

The Secretary-General was to brief participants on the activities of UNWTO and the agenda of the General Assembly.

Worldtourismwire wrote earlier this week:  “This meeting may be everything else but routine. It is sensitive and would most likely include a discussion on Zimbabwe’s request to add two agenda items to the General Assembly program. The two items deal with alleged “flaws” in the election process and procedure resulting in an appointment of the Georgian Ambassador in Madrid Zurab Pololikashvili to become the next UNWTO Secretary General.

Insiders told WorldTourismWire they were concerned that none of the original candidates for Secretary General, including the Hon. Walter Mzembi who requested the agenda items to be added were invited. Zimbabwe does not have an embassy in Madrid.

WorldTourismWire only yesterday announced two surprise visitors. Besides the Madrid based ambassador from Zimbabwe HERudo Chitiga, Ambassador Dho Young-shim from South Korea, who was a candidate traveled all the way to Madrid for this meeting.

It turned out there are dozens of surprise visitors today. This ongoing meeting is a record one.

Currently, more than 90 ambassadors made their way to Madrid to learn more about the alleged election flaws for Zurab Pololikashvil to become the next Secretary General.

One-third of the countries attending the full General Assembly in Chengdu next month need to reject the recommendation for the Georgian nominee  Zurab Pololikashvil to force a new election for UNWTO Secretary General.

The Madrid meeting is in progress at this time.
Photos are emerging from the event: