Poor Infrastructure in Nigerian airports decried by Airlines Operators of Nigeria


Lagos — The Airlines Operators of Nigeria (AON) has called on the federal Government to urgently address the situation and save Nigeria from a re-occurrence of such national embarrassment.

The Assistant Secretary-General of AON Alhaji Muhammed Tukur, who spoke to reporters yesterday in Lagos, said that for a long time, the association had been warning Nigerians about the poor state of Nigeria’s airports.

Tukur said, “We had mentioned that these airports were a serious embarrassment to our nation. We have wondered many times whether we are really serious about improving aviation”.

“Last week, an unbelievable embarrassment happened to Nigeria; there was power outage at Nigeria’s premier Airport, the Murtala Muhammed International Airport for three hours. Air travel was completely halted for this period. This scandal is simply unacceptable. It is obvious to all discerning Nigerians that the Murtala Muhammed International Airport has failed; It is overcrowded and poorly managed”.

Last Thursday the Senate had ordered its committee on Aviation to investigate the power outages that had adversely affected activities at the airport on Sunday and Monday last week.