Friend a Gorilla campaign to move to US schools


The campaign for the conservation of the mountain gorillas, and by extension for, has taken another step, when Hollywood celeb Simon Curtis returned for the second time in a year with a film team in tow to shoot a documentary on his current visit.

One of the target groups is the Key Clubs International high school association and their over 250,000 members across schools in the United States. The documentary will also aim at target groups beyond these school associations to ensure that a generation grows up aware of the need to conserve the environment, protect biodiversity, and look after our flora and fauna for the common good of future generations.

Curtis started his tour through Uganda with a press briefing last week before embarking on a safari to Kibale Forest National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park before returning to Bwindi Forest, which he last visited in September last year with some of his other celeb friends.