VIOAS – a new magazine that will cover the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea


The “Voice of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea – VIOAS” is the title of a new bi-monthly magazine, which the Seychelles former President James R. Mancham has announced he is launching effective August of this year with the support and collaboration of some Mauritian associates.

Sir James Mancham explained when announcing his new magazine that the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea converges into one and the same ocean. “It represents an area of ever-growing global interest and importance, making headline news almost everyday,” Sir James Mancham said.

There is no doubt that VIOAS Magazine is an idea whose time has come when it is today recognized that there is the menacing threat of the Somalian pirates to international shipping and to the stability of nations in the region; when it is known that there is the bitter political division of the big island of Madagascar at a time when the country is discovering important mineral deposits, with RIOTINTO of Australia investing hundreds millions of dollars in a new port development; when its is noted that the British government has decided to declare the Chagos archipelago a World Heritage Site without engaging Mauritius, which still claims sovereignty over the archipelago; when it is known that there is controversy over the US base in Diego Gracia; when it is known that there is the new political game being played by India, China, the USA, and France in the zone, and that there is the growing economic penetration of the rich Gulf Nations as they invest more and more of their petro-dollars southwards. Sir James Mancham echoed these sentiments as he presented his new magazine, which will be published alongside his monthly “Seychelles Review – La Revue des Seychelles.”