Establishment of Saudi Association for Heritage Protection under the umbrella of SCTA


The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) recently announced the establishment of the “Saudi Association for Heritage Preservation” based on the approval by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. The Riyadh-based association is planned to provide its services across the Kingdom’s different provinces.

The association will enjoy full support of the SCTA and will work in close partnership with it towards the preservation of national heritage, as well as highlighting the Kingdom’s cultural dimensions. The association seeks to attract more active members, affiliates, and honorary members in order to reach in its performance at par famous international associations.

The “Saudi Association for Heritage Preservation” is expected to announce its first board of directors soon in the presence of all its founding members – 109 members representing society’s different sectors.

The establishment of the association comes in accordance with the key goals of the general strategic plan of SCTA, which gives the national heritage great attention and seeks its preservation and development, as well as raising awareness of its social, cultural, and civilizational importance.