Chinese tourism official is really in his element living in Taipei


Taipei – China’s tourism representative in Taiwan says he is really in his element living in Taipei, which he has called home for nine months.

Fan Guishan, director of the Taipei office of the Beijing-based Cross-Strait Tourism Association, has come to enjoy strolling to a backstreet alley after work for a bowl of beef noodles.

Fan, who served in an official capacity in Hong Kong on and off for 10 years, said he likes going to restaurants in Taipei City, describing them as “clean and providing a high standard of service.” He actually likes all kinds of restaurants in Taipei, which he said offer diverse menus featuring a wide variety of dishes from all Chinese provinces.

Fan, who has been in Taiwan’s capital city for nine months, said sensitive cross-strait political issues do not bother him at all, and he pays little attention to political jockeying in Taiwan’s political circles that often appear on local TV screens.

CSTA’s Taipei Office — the first official agency of any kind established by China in Taiwan — officially opened in Taipei City May 7.

Fan said solving tourism disputes and coordinating contingency measures if accidents occur will be the major task of his office, which currently has only three people, including himself, on the payroll.