Is Henry VIII banned from United Airlines?


Did Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Myers get banned from flying on United Airlines?

An alcohol-fueled rage reportedly resulted in Irish actor being banned from boarding a flight in New York earlier this month.

According to a source at John F. Kennedy airport in New York, Rhys Myers was booked on a United Airlines flight headed to Los Angeles.

Despite the early morning departure time, airline workers noticed the actor “pounding drinks” in the first-class lounge and becoming increasingly drunk.

Rhys Myers then attempted to board the plane but was prohibited from flying due to “belligerent and disruptive behavior that was getting out of control”.

The airline refuses to confirm that Rhys Meyers has been banned from future flights as well, citing passenger privacy rules. The actor has so far issued no statement on this latest incident.

He was arrested at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle Airport last year after reportedly punching a bar manager who refused to serve him any more drinks. When the local police arrived, Rhys Meyers tried to get into a fistfight with them. In 2007, he was arrested in his native Ireland during another alcoholic fit at an airport.

The actor’s history with alcoholism goes back many years, and he has openly acknowledged his problems. Rhys Meyers has checked himself into alcohol rehabilitation programs in the past.

Rhys Meyers recently starred as Henry VIII in the historical drama, “The Tudors”.