Have minibars and traveling cleaners, will travel on revived Intercity trains


The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Trenitalia have signed an agreement to launch the plan for the revival of the Intercity trains (fast trains with intermediate stops).

The signing of the agreement on July 31, which has contractual commitments for 10 years from 2017 to 2026, will see the rebirth of the Intercity network system. It serves 200 Italian cities, with 108 daily connections patronized by more than 12 million travelers a year.

“Intercity was a terminal patient, and I can say that we have applied good revival techniques, and trust that it will achieve the success of ‘Le Frecce’ (the fast trains),” said Minister Del Rio during his presentation, adding, “also because this is an essential rail transport serving cities where there is no high speed. With funds over 100 more millions per year, we have greatly improved the service, an agreement that, in fact, had been active since January 1st last year, and now plans to increase seats by 16% for Intercity day and 7% for Intercity’s offer, more punctuality thanks to the new Rolling stock, new services such as on board traveling cleaner staff, and minibars in longer stretches.”

The revival plan also provides for over €300 million for the conversion of the entire fleet into reversible convoys, in blocked trains which have on one side the locomotive, and on the other a semi-pilot coach from which to drive the convoy and remote control of the locomotive.

Meanwhile, 7 months after the start of the new contract, the balance sheet already accounts for 80% of the Intercity days with renewed environments and the introduction of the new livery on over 20% of Intercity. The regularity of the service records 99.87%, with a minimum quota of canceled stretches. The presence of the traveling cleaning staff already involves 30% of the trains’ fleet.

“Our objectives included the consolidation of the bid, avoiding the abandonment of stretches, the overall improvement of the fleet, and the improvement of onboard services,” said Trenitalia CEO Barbara Morgante. “Although the contract has been officially signed only recently, I can say that since January, we are committed to meeting the commitments.”

  • SuperChief49

    Wonderful! This sounds like an encore of “Back to the Future” when such trains were common in the U.S., such as “The 20th Century Limited,” “Super Chief,” and “Panama Limited;” as well as superb corridor runs like the “Merchants Limited” and “Daylight.” So good to see such a common sense approach by government to acknowledge how it “takes money to make money!” Who would not appreciate having a cleaning service on-board, let alone a minibar?

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