Flight attendants and pilots strip down to their hats in Kazakh travel ad

Flight attendants and pilots strip down to their hats in Kazakh travel ad

More than just prices dropped in a Kazakhstan travel company advertisement, which saw a group of air stewards strip down to just their hats. The video for Chocotravel drew mixed reactions online, with some accusing it of sexism.

“I’m sick of this sh*t,” one commenter said on Facebook, expressing her distaste for women selling their bodies in advertising. “Disgusting” and “cheap” were also used by others to describe the video.

Nurken Rzaliyev from Chocotravel’s parent company Chocofamily asked on Facebook if the ad was “too much?”

Not everyone was against the ad, though, with some praising its visuals.

Chocotravel director Nikolay Mazentsev said on Facebook the video was not intended to offend anyone.

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“The video is bold and shocking, but we did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and regret it if it happened,” he wrote. “The advertisement shows exactly as much as you can see on any beach or in the pool. You do not attack girls in short skirts and people in swimsuits?”

Mazentsev pointed out that a day after the video’s publication males also got the same treatment in a similar ad.

Critics pointed out that the males were depicted as pilots, whereas only females could be air stewards.

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