Uganda fed up with British Airways


News that another strike is looming at British Airways (BA) immediately brought moans and groans from travel agents and regular frequent fliers in Uganda and a small flood of messages and comments to this correspondent, as was the case on previous strike votes.

Customer loyalty will be tested to the limit once again should the strikes go ahead, and it is notable that the mood is changing against BA’s top management, whom one leading travel agent, previously cautiously in favor of them, now described them as “stubborn to the point when the whole thing will go bust.” while another decried the management’s position of all or nothing.

It is increasingly becoming clear that another series of disruptions of scheduled services, especially so soon after the now notorious Icelandic ash cloud brought air traffic to a halt in and out of Europe, will likely spell financial disaster for BA at a time when they are still struggling with the fallout of the last strike.

Agents in Uganda are already forewarning clients booked over the periods in question and trying to rebook them to be sure that travel can take place in case flights are brought to a standstill by the strike. So strike or not, BA is losing customers and their loyalty.