Hainan Island’s Sanya launches its first global tourism roadshow in Thailand

Hainan Island’s Sanya launches its first global tourism roadshow in Thailand

Hainan Island’s southernmost city of Sanya kicks off its first global roadshow to promote the 2017 Sanya celebration with a series of events in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Known to the world with stunning white beaches and blue waters, Sanya has been named one of 52 Places to Go in 2017 by the New York Times. It is also the first time a Chinese city in the list,” said Deng Zhong, the Honorary President of Sanya People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, during his welcoming speech. “Sanya is full of rich resources and unique tourist experience. With years of steady development, nearly 17 leading global hotel groups have invested in Sanya to build almost 47 hotels. Sanya is going through a transformative period that is key to become an international city to attract travelers around the world.”

The roadshow is divided into different sections including exhibition, interaction, performance, photo galleries and Virtual Reality (VR) games and more. In the exhibit area, participants are able to experience the local culture of Sanya with an artificial beach building based on the real one there and taste the Hainai cuisine. Hainan’s local minority group, Li Nationality, brings their cultural shows and introduces the traditional knitting skills as well.


“Thailand and Sanya have a lot of things in common in terms of natural resources, culture and many other areas. I believe that an increasing number of Thai travelers will make Sanya as a primary destination in the future,” said Mr. Luo Taidong, the Head of East Asian Market Development Team of National Tourism Administration of Thailand.

Thailand is the first and important stop for Sanya to promote the “Celebration” and develop the city into a leading tourism destination around the world. Last year, Sanya government signed the letter of the intent with the city of Pattaya to become its friendship city. More direct flights are now available from Southeast Asian countries to Sanya to boost travel.

After the roadshow in Thailand on July 22, Sanya will continue the global promotion campaign of the “Celebration ” to other nations. From July to October this year, the city government will organize a number of roadshows at nine countries including Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany to attract more tourists to visit the city. The next stop is Malaysia, which will happen on July 25.

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